The Alchemists

Custom #16: Reeva

  • January 23, 2017

Hey there! Welcome another Alchemist: Reeva. She is a little angel with a kind soul.

Her base mold is factory RBL. I’ve worked with factory dolls already, though I am not fond of the plastic they are made of, because it’s more firm than original one. Anyway, I am satisfied with the result, especially how her teal brown glass eyecheaps look.

Also, this time I decided to go further and make special packaging for the doll. Usually I put Blythe dolls to their original boxes, but TBL don’t have one, so I made handcrafted box covered with white eco-leather outside and colored scrapbook paper inside. Print on the paper supports print on doll’s dress – it’s a coincidence, and turned out lovely 🙂

As for the dress, it is also my “first time”. Well, it’s not actually the first time I sewed a dress, because I used to make dresses for my BJDs. However 1/6 size always seemed to small for me and I avoided it for a long time. Then what? It turned out very easy and fast and enjoyable! I have already sorted out all the fabrics I have and bought some more, and I am looking forward to sewing more dresses in a short time 🙂

So,  here is the work I’ve done on her:

  • sandmatting
  • nose, philtrum and lips carve
  • faceup and eyelids painted with pastels and acrylics in several layers, each layer sealed with Zoukei Mura
  • highlighter under her eyes
  • albino white eyelashes, that give her very subtle look
  • boggled, gaze correction and sleepy eyes
  • 2 new pull rings
  • 4 new eyechip pairs: 2 glass hand painted, 1 puppelina, 1 coolcat
  • I gave her hair treatment and neat bob-haircut, her bang is perfectly straight (unlike many other TBLs)
  • liccafied


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